How to Download and Install Scribus

Here is how to download and install the free program Scribus, for Windows. I am using the Chrome web browser to download, but the steps will be similar with other browsers too.

Step 1:

Search for the download source (or just click on this link:

scribus download - Google Search

Step 2:


Step 3:

Download - Scribus Wiki

Step 4:

Download Scribus from SourceForge

Step 5:

Scribus _ Free Audio & Video software downloads at SourceForge

Step 6:

Install Scribus 1of6

Step 7:

Install Scribus 2of6

Step 8:

Install Scribus 3of6

Step 9:

Install Scribus 4of6

Step 10:

Install Scribus 5of6

Step 11:

Install Scribus 6of6

All Done!

Once you have installed Scribus, you can open it by clicking on the start menu (button in the bottom left corner) and it should be under ‘All Programs’


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