About This Website

tjfree.com aims to be a resource for people looking for free alternatives to proprietary and paid software. All of the programs recommend here are free to download and use, and the vast majority are Free Open Source Software (FOSS). These are not free trials. These are not viruses or spyware disguised as ‘free programs’. These are genuinely free computer programs who’s authors (in many cases) have decided to donate their time and ideas in order to create awesome and useful tools simply because they can.

About me

  • I’m 31 Years Old
  • I live in the USA
  • I’m happily married
  • I have 3 great kids

About Free Software

The word ‘free’ has many meaning. In a consumer driven economy, free usually means that you don’t have to pay for it, as in, free from cost. There is usually a catch, like, ‘Buy 1 get 1 FREE!’ or ‘FREE PHONE with a 2yr service agreement’. Free software, although free from cost, refers to a different kind of free that is more closely tied to the word freedom. Freedom to use the software how you please. Freedom to change the software. Freedom to redistribute it, even sell it, if you’d like. The most important aspect of free software is that you, the user, determine how the software will work for you.

About Proprietary Software

Proprietary software is controlled by the company that produced it. They own it, and they sell you a license to use it under certain conditions. Making good software helps the company sell more licenses, which is good for them, because at the end of the day, they are interested in making money. This can also be good for you, if they make a piece of software that helps you out and that is not available as free software anywhere else. The reality is, many free programs are just as capable as their proprietary counterparts, and more and more professionals are integrating free software into their work flows. Some proprietary software companies even use free software as a launching pad for their paid software products. Be sure you are making an informed decision before pulling the trigger on a proprietary software license.

Support Open Source and Free Software

If you find yourself using a certain piece of free software extensively (especially for commercial use), I’d encourage you to consider making a small donation to the people who wrote the code and produced/maintain the software for you. Most of the official websites for open source software include a donation button, where you can show your appreciation. A lot of this software is still under active development, so money donated helps to build new tools and features. You might also consider getting involved. Here are a few examples of how you can help: programming, reporting bugs, translating website and documentation, designing skins and artwork, testing the latest releases, and more…

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