Scribus is a free, open-source program used for layouts, typesetting, etc. A great tool for creating newspapers, magazines, ads, posters or books.

Download Scribus here.
Learn how to use Scribus here.


Need to create a logo? An icon? An illustration? Inkscape is a free open-source option for creating awesome graphics for any purpose.

Download Inkscape here.
Learn how to use Inkscape here.


Kdenlive is a great a open-source option for video editing. This free program’s unlimited multi-track layout provides all the tools for clipping, transtions, and audio effects.

Download Kdenlive here.
Learn how to use Kdenlive here.

Sweet Home 3D

This open-source program is used for architectural design. Design a home in a 2D layout and then preview it in 3D. This program gives you the ability to design the exterior, and even place furniture. The program can create the blueprints for your newly designed home.

Download Sweet Home 3D here.
Learn how to use Sweet HOme 3D here.


Aegisub is a tool for creating subtitles on existing video content. It was designed for timing and styling of subtitles. Karaoke anyone?

Download Aegisub here.
Learn how to use Aegisub here.


This program is a great tool for creating music. You can import audio your created yourself, or create synthesized music in the program. You can import a midi keyboard or use the keyboard in the program. You can listen and edit each track individually to perfect your music and it can write and read customized presets and themes.

Download LMMS here.
Learn to use LMMS here.



Audacity is an audio recording tool. Not only can it record audio from multiple sources, but it is used for post-processing for any type of audio. Audactity is a great option for podcasts. You can add effects such as normalization, trimming, and fading in and out. You can take the lyrics track of off songs to create karaoke versions, you change the pitch or speed of an audio track, and is great for capturing audio.

Download Audacity here.
Learn to use Audacity here.



Need a node-based compositing software application?

Download Natron here.
Learn to use Natron here.

DaVinci Resolve