Top 5 Free Open Source Audio Recording and Music Creation Software


Audacity is a powerful open source audio recording program with a simple, user friendly interface. It has many different effects you can use and is great for recording and capturing audio.

Audacity can has great functionality. You can apply many different effects to audio files you’ve recorded or imported. For example, you can change the pitch, speed, or tempo, fade in and out, or apply noise reduction. You can also accomplish more complicated tasks, like removing the lyrics from a song to create a karaoke version.

Once you’ve finished editing the audio in Audacity you can export it in wave format. You can also get plugins to export it as an MP3 or some other format.

Audacity works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Download and start editing your audio.

Learn how to use Audacity with our free tutorials.

Audacity Free Audio Editor Screenshot


LMMS is an awesome program for creating and editing music. It has a simple interface that allows you to compose, sequence, and mix. It is a great free alternative to FL studio.

With LMMS, you can use audio samples you’ve recorded yourself or you can also create synthesized music in the program itself.  You can listen to each track individually.

LMMS has a keyboard and is compatible with midi keyboards to give you full functionality.  It also has a large variety of synthesizing tools and effects you can play around with.

Listen to songs created with LMMS. They are pretty impressive.

LMMS works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Download and make music today!

LMMS Free Audio Editor Screen Shot


Ardour is a Linux only program. It’s an audio workstation great for taking recorded tracks and piecing them together like you would in a recording studio.

Ardour works like this. You record the vocals, then the drums, and then the guitar, trumpet, bagpipe, etc.

You can also apply lots of different effects in Ardour similar to audacity but it’s designed for working with multiple tracks. This is a Linux only program, but If you have a windows computer and want to use Ardour, you can install a virtual Linux machine to us it.

Start building audio tracks with Ardour.

Ardour Free Audio Editor Screenshot


Mixxx is a DJ mixing tool. You can use it for DJ live at dances, clubs, parties, and similar events. Mixxx’s pitch control, beat looping, and hotcue features help make you a master of the music.

You can also use Mixxx as an auto DJ. Just select a series of songs and it will jump to the next one and play and mix your music together.

Mixxx is a fun one to play with. You can export, save and record audio tracks, and create new music with it too.

DJ like a pro with Mixxx!

MIXXX Free DJ Audio Editor Screenshot


Spek is a spectrogram analyzer for MP3 and other popular audio formats. With Spek, you can see any low quality aspects of an audio file visually. This can help you understand why an audio file is poor quality.

Spek is not an audio editor like the other programs we’ve mentioned. It is, however a great tool for a quick glance the quality of audio you going to be working with.

Spek works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Check the quality of your audio with Spek.


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