Top 5 Sites for Free eBooks and Audio Books

There is a lot to read out there, and eBooks seemed to offer the cheaper option to the traditional hard/paperbound books you would find at the local Barnes and Noble. We have seen an increase in those prices recently however. So, to help you get your lit-fix when you are on a budget here are 5 different sites to find and download free eBooks.

Project Gutenberg – This site currently has 57,000+ free eBooks available for download. Named after the famed Gutenberg Press the site is dedicated to making sure public domain books are free and available to to the public.  They also offer books in in French, Portuguese, and German. No additional apps or programs required and you can download them in either epub or kindle format.

ManyBooks – Boasting over 50,000 free titles ManyBooks also has modern publications on top of the public domain titles. The site’s design is sleek and it’s simple to browse through popular genres, editor’s choices and they have an active blog which will make recommendations based on current and past titles that they have available. Registration is required but the eBooks are still free. They also offer 9 different download formats, or you can choose to read your titles online.

Archive In their words: The Internet Archive is one of the world’s largest public digital libraries, with an extensive collection of human culture: 2 Million books, 430 billion web pages, 3 million hours of television and more. Here you can find titles from all over the world – Argentina, Canada, China, India and of course the USA. They are organized by where they are scanned in and that means you can have access to the libraries of various universities, government archives as well as your standard public libraries. This is a great free resource for knowledge and so much that is at your fingertips.

Loyal Books is now They have a smaller offering, only 7,000 titles. However they offer titles in 28 languages. They have a good mix of both print and audio books so you can choose how you want to take in your free book. – All audio books. Unlike the ones you can listen to on Spotify or other subscription services they are both free and ad free! The site is dedicated to bringing all public domain books to the public in a listening format, for free. They are created by volunteers and are available to listen to either online or for download. You can find classics like Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, and  Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. They also have a free app you can download to find many great audio books to listen to. 


Calibre – Here’s a bonus! Now that you have all of these free books downloaded on to your device, you need a way to easily store them. Calibre is a great piece of software that can help you store your books in one location. It also allows for easy conversion of the files in case one format doesn’t quite work everywhere that you want it to. It also allows you to edit the format from the line spacing to the font style and size of the text.

And there you have it 5 great sites to grab free reading material as well as one bonus download to help you store it. Happy reading! 

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