Best Free and Open Source 2D Animators

These are the best free and open source 2D animation tools that are available to the public. The free 2D animation software that TJFree recommends are Inkscape, Pencil, Tupi, Scratch, Synfig. We’ll give a brief overview of each software here. When you’re done, check out a comprehensive list of free and open source animation and graphic design software. 



Inkscape is an open source and free vector graphics editor. Its primary function is for creating and editing vector graphics. Inkscape can be used for logos and complex paintings, charts, diagrams, line art, and other graphics. Inkscape formats primarily in scalable vector graphics. It renders primitive vector shapes and text. Inkscape also supports embedding and optional tracing of raster graphics. Shapes can also be manipulated to move, scale, skew, and transform.

Inkscape Features:

  •       Object creation
  •       Object manipulation
  •       Style objects
  •       Operations of paths
  •       Performance: new performance options
  •       Start-up performance
  •       Text support
  •       Rendering
  •       File formats


Pencil is an open source and free 2D animation software. Pencil uses a vector drawing interface. It was designed to create simple 2D graphics and drawings and basic animations. Pencil can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Pencil is the simplest of the open source software available and is similar to Windows Paint. Not recommended for professional work.


Tupi is an open source and free 2D animation software. The goal of Tupi is to introduce novice artists to the world of animation. Tupi is a software designed by artists and animators and seeks to be an all-encompassing tool for artists and animators. Tupi can currently support basic tools for vector illustrations, paths created by using the pen and pencil tool, and filling bounded areas of vector objects using the bucket tool. 

Tupi Features:

  •       Rastic image import
  •       Exports in multiple formats
  •       Tweening positions
  •       Opacity
  •       Scale
  •       Rotation
  •       Color
  •       Media organization


Scratch is an open source and free animation software. Scratch is focused on building video with sequences of images in motion. Users can build music videos, short movies, and comedic shorts. Scratch utilizes sprites to talk, move, and interact. Its two most common features include Lip Sync and Walk Cycle. Lip Sync is a tool used to sync the animation to a recording of talking, and walk cycle is the animation of making a character walk.

Scratch Features:

  •       3D animation
  •       Barrier grid animation
  •       Claymation animation
  •       Screamer
  •       Stop motion
  •       Speedpaint
  •       Sprite animation
  •       Multi-animators project
  •       Animated series


Synfig is an open source and free 2D animation software. It utilizes 2D vector graphics and timeline-based computer animation. Synfig is a custom animation platform and is unique as a true front-end and back-end application. Allowing an artist to create and animate on the front-end without having to have it render on the back-end. This gives the artist flexibility different things with their animation. Synfig is a complete animation software designed to create full-length motion pictures. Learning all the features of Synfig would take considerable hours and is meant only for the most serious of animators.

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