How to Download and Install on Windows 10


Lesson 1:

Course Overview and Basic Intro

Lesson 2:

Getting Started & Basic Interface

Lesson 3:

Apply Effects, Modules, and Edit History


Lesson 4:

Edit multiple photos at once (crop, rotate, color, etc…)

Lesson 5:

Common Modules to Enhance & Improve Photos

Lesson 6:

How to add a Custom Watermark to Photos

Lesson 7:

Intro to Drawn Masks (Brush, Circle, Path)

Lesson 8:

Parametric Masking (mask by pixels)

Lesson 9:

Use Drawn and Parametric Masks Together

Lesson 10:

Color Zones. Adjust certain colors only.

Lesson 11:

Create Custom Styles and Presets

Lesson 12:

Color Mapping Module