Lesson 1:

Interface and basic drawing

Lesson 2:

Shape tools and options

Lesson 3:

Fill and stroke settings

Lesson 4:

Groups, levels and object selection

Lesson 5:

Document properties and exporting PNG images

Lesson 6:

Text and fonts

Lesson 7:

Drawing lines and paths vs objects

Lesson 8:

Free hand drawing tool

Lesson 9:

Bezier tool and nodes

Lesson 10:

Trace images with Bezier tool

Lesson 11:

Trace bitmap tool (convert raster to SVG)

Lesson 12:

Difference, union, interaction, combine…

Lesson 13:

Align and distribute

Lesson 14:

Spray tool, copy, clone

Lesson 15:

Using layers

Lesson 16:

Using filters

Lesson 17:

Rending paths and objects

Lesson 18:

Import and PDF files

Lesson 19:

Edit Adobe illustrator ai files in Inkscape

Lesson 20:

Examples of shirts, cards, and books, made in Inkscape

Lesson 21:

Custom video thumbnails

Lesson 22:

Installing custom extensions

Lesson 23:

Create custom card games, dice, etc.

Design T-Shirts