Inkscape: Vector Based Graphic Design

Inkscape is a vector-based graphic design program used to create digital and print artwork. You can design t-shirts, business cards, book covers, websites, logos and much more. This program is similar to Adobe Illustrator in functionality. Inkscape is free open source software and available for download on Windows/Linux/Mac.

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  • SVG Vector Editing and Creating
  • Import and edit files
  • Import and Edit PDF files
  • Convert Bitmap to Vector
  • Free and Open Source
  • Cross-platform/Windows, Linux, Mac

Download Inkscape

To make sure you are getting the latest version of any software, I always recommend downloading from the official website. The download button will take you to the official site where you can download this program.

Learn Inkscape

Watch tutorials to learn how to use Inkscape.
Click here to go to our Inkscape Tutorials.

The following videos teach a variety of specific creations in Inkscape. To learn how to use Inkscape in general, watch our Inkscape Tutorials here, or click the “Watch Tutorials” button above.

Design T-Shirts

Make Infographics

Using Guides

Draw Mega Man

Draw Shoes

Draw a City

Draw a Watermelon

Draw Trees

Draw House and River Scene