Lesson 1:

The interface

Lesson 2:

Cut/shorten video with the razor tool

Lesson 3:

Add/remove/swap audio from video

Lesson 4:

Cut, copy, and move clips

Lesson 5:

Video and audio effects

Lesson 6:

Artistic effects and filters

Lesson 7:

Video speed and slow

Lesson 8:

Using video and audio tracks

Lesson 9:

Add intro & outro to video

Lesson 10:

Free video and movie clips for projects

Lesson 11:

Adjust audio levels & volume control

Lesson 12:

Picture slide show

Lesson 13:

Transform, crop and resize video

Lesson 14:

Overlay video picture in picture

Lesson 15:

Video transitions

Lesson 16:

Adding text and title screens

Lesson 17:

Animating text

Lesson 18:

Chroma Key and green screen

Lesson 19:

Key frames and animation

Lesson 20:

Blur and obscure

Lesson 21:

Obscure with auto mask tracking