Lesson 1:

Exploring tools and interface

Lesson 2:

Draw nodes basic animation

Lesson 3:

Exporting images and video using Write Nodes

Lesson 4:

Color nodes and properties

Lesson 5:

Filter nodes and exporting a single image

Lesson 6:

Combine images and video using Merge Nodes

Lesson 7:

Animated logo intro video using free software

Lesson 8:

Drawing shapes, gradients and image backgrounds

Lesson 9:

Using Shadertoy to create backgrounds and effects

Lesson 10:

RGBA, color channels, and transparency

Lesson 11:

Chromokeyer, green & blue screen effects

Lesson 12:

Turn parts of an image transparent with Keyer Node

Lesson 13:

Masking with Roto and Bezier Tool

Lesson 14:

Tracker and match move to map to a path

Lesson 15:

Video stabilization with tracker and transform nodes

Lesson 16:

GMIC smooth skin filter for video

Lesson 17:

Animate elements within SVG files / vector graphics

Lesson 18:

UI animation mockup from SVG source

Lesson 19:

Corner pin transform tool & UI animation

Lesson 20:

Animation using Photoshop .psd files