Lesson 1:

Introduction to Olive tutorials.

Lesson 2:

Download and Install Olive Video Editor on Windows.

Lesson 3:

Getting Started. The UI Layout.


Lesson 4:

Split (Razor), Cut, Copy
& Paste Clips.

Lesson 5:

The Ripple Tool.

Lesson 6:

​Video Speed and Slow.

Lesson 7:

Slip and Slide Tools.

Lesson 8:

How to Add Background Music and Sound Effects.

Lesson 9:

Using Video & Audio Effects.

Lesson 10:

Transform Effect: Scale, Rotate, Position.

Lesson 11:

Color Correction and Color Effects.

Lesson 12:

Video Blur Effect.

Lesson 13:

Crop Video and Other Distort Effects.

Lesson 14:

Blue/Green Screen and Chroma Key.

Lesson 15:

Adding Text and Rich Text.

Lesson 16:

Video & Audio Transitions.

Lesson 17:

Make a Picture Slideshow.

Lesson 18:

Key Frame & Basic Animation.

Lesson 19:

Key Frame Audio & Video Effects.

Lesson 20:

My Process for Editing a Youtube Video.

Lesson 21:

Save Video Frame as Image (Freeze/pause).

Lesson 22:

Nesting and linking Audio and Video Tracks.